Receive AZ Tax Credit

GREAT NEWS! You may claim a tax credit for your charitable contribution on your Arizona state return when you donate to Feed Our Babies USA. FOB was recently awarded certification as a Qualifying Charitable Organization.

Taxpayers filing as “single” and “head of household” status may claim a maximum credit of $400. Taxpayers filing as “married filing separate” may claim a maximum credit of $400. Taxpayers that file as “married filing joint” may claim a maximum credit of $800.

For more information, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Thank you in advance for your donation!

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We’re launching a NEW Holiday Program – Adopt a Family

When the community comes together, great ideas come to life! During our 2017 Thanksgiving Harvest Event, volunteer families expressed a strong interest in finding a way to support families in need during the Christmas holiday. A few meetings later and viola! a new holiday program is born. Feed Our Babies USA is proud to announce the 1st Annual Adopt-a-Family for Christmas Program.

In 2017, this Program will focus on the top 10 families that need the most support through the Holidays. The children and their families are identified by Community Specialists within the school system. Through the support of  the Feed Our Babies USA community, the families will receive toys for every child to encourage playtime, creativity and brain development. Families will also receive a healthy Christmas Meal to prepare together at home.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Program, volunteer your time or make a donation towards toys and healthy food.

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Feed Our Babies USA host Produce on Wheels

Feed Our Babies Farmers Market 18 November 2017

Thank you to everyone who made this past Saturday’s event a success! Feed Our Babies USA hosted the Borderlands POWWOW program at our Pantry.

The Borderlands POWWOW program rescues produce directly from the warehouses of produce distributors, with a majority of it having been processed for the landfill simply because the distributors were unable to market it. This produce is available to anyone – 60 pounds for only $10.



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Professional Pantry Layout!

We are truly surrounded by incredible people!

The interior layout of our Pantry was professionally created by Lisa Garretson. She is a Design Director in the industry and she created the layout to optimize every inch of our location so we can handle more food to help more families. We were shocked when she said we can add in 7 additional shelving racks! See the layout below.

Lisa Garretson

The tables, refrigerators and freezers have all been transported to the Pantry this week. Our next step is to build the shelves and we are ready to go… just in time for the school season!

We’ll be ramping up our Weekend Lunch Program as soon as school is in session to help kids eat healthy, week to week.

We are always looking for volunteers, so please Contact Us if you are interested!

Pantry Layout

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We Have Tile! Installation Starts Today!

We are so excited to announce that Feed Our Babies USA received the tile today! Jesus and his dad are beginning the install today and are expected to finish tomorrow.

This Saturday, FOB is hosting our 2nd Produce on Wheels event in the parking lot of the Pantry. This event is open to the public to purchase 60 lbs (this is not a typo) rescued fruits and vegetables for only $10. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Programs of the Pantry. Event is from 6 – 9 am. Come by and tour the progress on the Pantry!

6 days left on our Pantry Campaign. The funds help to revamp the Pantry so that we can inventory produce (received from organizations such as Produce on Wheels) to provide families with fresh foods throughout the month. A portion of the funding will fix the electrical wiring so that we can run our freezers and refrigerators safely.

Thank you in advance for your donations!

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